Tektronix 2784 100Hz-40Gz Spectrum Analyzer
JPY650,000 1 stock

100Hz-40GHz (with External Waveguide Mixer 325GHz)
Full-range Sweep 0Hz-40GHz
Resolution BW 3Hz-10 MHz in 1, 3, 10 Sequence
100 dB Display Dynamic Range
Phase Noise Performance as Low as -105 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz Offset up to 21 GHz
Built-in Math Functions
Intelligent Markers/Signal Processing: Search, Sort, and Mark CW, Pulse, or All Signals
Occupied Bandwidth Mode
Signal Tracking
Built-in 100 Hz to 1.2 THz Frequency Counter with
Fully Programmable with Two GPIB Interfaces
Built-in Automation
Macro Downloading 40 K of NVRAM
Store up to 20 Front-panel Key Sequences
Store up to 20 Waveforms with Readout Information
Store up to 20 Instrument States
GP-IB X2 Probe Power +5V +-15V
AC 90-250V 250W 2.8A
204H400W550D 20Kg

Frequency Flatness Data Lost
20GHz -0.3dB 30GHz -14.5dB 40GHz -19dB