NEC Avio NS9200 Report Generator

TH9100Series Report Generator,
Thermal image display function;
Thermal image / visible image synthesis display
Audio playback
(BMP, JPEG, AVI file format) data conversion
Zoom (100% to 5000%)
Level, sense, span level, level sense retention
Color mode (14 types), ISO setting (a total of eight)
Changing the display format
File operation;
Database Registration
(: Date, comment, temperature value of the conditional search) file search
Analysis, processing and editing functions;
(All images, each temperature pattern, trend) data transmitted to the external Excel
Emissivity correction (ε = 0.10 ~ 1.00:0.01 step), the ambient temperature setting
Distance correction
Hot spot / co - field spot function
Only the lens distortion correction ※ TH9100, TH7102 series
Pattern setting function;
Designated point, BOX, line, area, circle (each 20)
Saving / reading of the figure
Other processing functions;
Other processing functions

Maker Price:JPY150,000-
USB Key(0947-LRPU),Manual,