NEC Avio TH9100PWV 2000degC res0.08degC Thermo Tracer
JPY550,000 1stock

Temperature Range:-40 to 120degC/0 to 500degC
/200 to 2000degC(opt)
Minimum detection temperature difference:0.08degC@30degC,
Measurement Accuracy:+-2degC or +-2%,
Sensor:Micro servo Meter,
Measurement length:8 to 14um,
Focus length:30cm to Inf,
Visible image / thermal image synthesis function
Celsius / Fahrenheit display switching function
Number of pixels:320(H)*240(V)dot,
External Interface:PCMCIA(type 1,2)/IEEE1394/RS232C,

OPT TH91-392:High Temperature measurement,
OPT TH91-701:Thermal image processing program,
OPT TH91-703:Report generator,

Maker Price:JPY5,033,000-
Manual*6,CD-ROM(Viewer Program,Thermal image processing program,Report generator),Compact Flash(512MB),Compact Flash Card Adaptor,Buttery Pack(TH71-464)*2,Buttery Charger(TH71-336),AC Adaptor,key,Power Code,