Anritsu MS2781B/3/22/38/40/99 100Hz-8GHz High Performance Signal Analyzer
JPY750,000 1stock

Frequency Range:100Hz to 8GHz,
Span Range:10Hz to 8GHz, 0Hz,
FFT RBWs:0.1Hz to 100kHz(1,2,3,5),
Wideband FFT(requires Option22):100Hz to 3MHz(1,2,3,5)
FFT Span;
Standard:10Hz to 1MHz,
Wideband FFT(requires Option22)MHz to 30Hz,
FFT Span/RBW:<=30,000,
Wideband FFT(requires Option22): No restriction,
Video Bandwidth(VBW):1Hz to 10MHz,
Amplitude Related Specifications;
Third-Order Intercept (TOI):
<500 MHz: >19 dBm
500 MHz: >22 dBm, +25 dBm typical
Second Harmonic Intercept: >38 dBm
1 dB Compression Point: >10 dBm
Smart Signal Analyzer Measurements;
Channel Power,Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR),
Multi-Carrier Channel Power,Occupied Bandwidth
Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, VGA, Parallel printer
USB Functionality: USB access to printers, CDs, disks,
cameras, memory devices
Internal Hard Disk Drive: 40 GB
“Restore” partition on internal Hard Disk Drive
Removable Media Drive: CD R/W + DVD-ROM
Processor: Pentium 4 or greater

OPT 3:GP-IB Inteface,
OPT 22:30MHz Capture bandwidth,
OPT 38:QAM/PSK Modulation Analysis,
OPT 40:MATLAB Connectivity,
OPT 99:Premium Calibration,
E-manual*2,Power Code,Mouse,PS/2-USB Connector,
CD-ROM(MS278X Manual,System Driver),