Agilent J6832A 1000BASE X Ethernet LIM(Line Interface Modules)
JPY147,000 1stock

J6832A 1000BaseX specific:
GBIC interfaces supported (any combination of the following):
J5491A SX GBICs (850 nm multi-mode) – included with the J6832A LIM
J5492A LX GBICs (1310 nm mono-mode)
J5495A T GBICs (UTP copper)
Other GBIC Interfaces supported:
Cisco WS-G5487 1000Base ZX GBIC (WS-G5487)
All LIMs:
Line and MAC statistics:
- bytes transmitted (total and per second)
- bytes received (total and per second)
- errors (total and per second)
- broadcasts (total and per second)
- multicasts (total and per second)
- frames transmitted (total and per second)
- frames received (total and per second)
- % transmitted
- % received
- local collisions
- remote collisions
- late collisions
- remote late collisions
- runts
- frames with bad FCS
- misaligned frames
Runts (good FCS)
Jabbers (good FCS)
Full rate, full duplex capture

J5495A:1000BASE T*GBIC*2port
Coution:Need J6800A/01A

Maker Price:JPY1,990,000-
GBIC Module for 1000BASE-SX(1005-0390)*2,
GBIC Module for 1000BASE-T (J5495A)*2,