Agilent J6811A STM-1/OC-3 ATM SDH Interface module
JPY42,000 4stock

ATM and Packet over SONET/SDH at 155 Mbps
When analyzing ATM
real-time (full rate) AAL-2 and AAL-5 reassembly is performed simultaneously on more
than 5120 virtual channels and the resulting frames are passed from the LIM to the
acquisition system for further analysis. Cell mode is also available. ATM Policing can be
performed on up to 1024 virtual circuits in frame mode or cell mode simultaneously with
other measurements.
The LIM has optical interfaces and can be used in single-mode or multi-mode
environments; when used in multi-mode environments, 10 dB attenuators should be used
on the optical outputs. Both SDH and SONET framing are fully supported in this LIM.
Common to Inputs and Outputs:
- SDH: STM-1, ITU-T G.707
- SONET: STS-3c, GR-253
SDH / SONET Frame Scrambling (x7 + x6 + 1)
ATM Cell Scrambling: conforms to ITU-T I.432.1 (x43 + 1) and may be turned on
(default) or off
Two input and output ports (single-mode/multi-mode compatible)
Connectors: SC-PC
Monitor modes:
- Through monitor mode: uses both inputs and outputs; signal is terminated and
- Test access point monitor mode; uses inputs only
- Typ. –32 dBm
- Min. –28 dBm
Loss of Signal Detect Level:
–34 dBm
Receiver wavelength range: 1310/1550 nm
Optical power measurement for each LIM port:
+3 dBm to –42 dBm dynamic range in steps of 0.1 dBm
±0.5 dBm absolute accuracy at 1310 nm
(can also be used to measure power at 622Mbps)
Physical Layer line status indications for each LIM port (SDH / SONET):
- Loss of Signal (LOS)
- Loss of Frame (LOF)
- Loss of Pointer (LOP)
- Loss of Cell Delineation (LCD)
- MS-RDI / RDI-L (Line FERF)
- RDI / RDI-P (Path FERF)
- MS-AIS / AIS-L (Line AIS)
- AIS / AIS-P (Path AIS)
Physical Layer line vital counts for each LIM port (SDH / SONET):
- MS-RDI / RDI-L (Line FERF)
- RDI / RDI-P (Path FERF)
- MS-AIS / AIS-L (Line AIS)
- AIS / AIS-P (Path AIS)
- MS-REI / REI-L (Line FEBE)
- REI / REI-P (Path FEBE)
- B1 BIP errors
- Loss of Cell Delineation (LCD)
ATM Layer at any supported rate for each LIM port (network and equipment):
- Full rate cell processing
- Auto-discovery and notification of up to 5120 virtual channels (VPI-VCI)
- ATM policing, traffic contract estimation and 1-point CDV
ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) – frame mode:
- Auto-discovery and notification of up to 5120 AAL-2 Channels (VPI-VCI-CID)
and/or AAL-5 virtual channels (VPI-VCI), any mix of AAL-2 and AAL-5
- Concurrent real-time reassembly of the first 4000 bytes of multiple AAL-2 SSCS
- Count of total AAL-2 SSCS PDUs
- AAL-2 SSCS PDUs are reassembled to the SSSAR sub-layer
- Concurrent real-time reassembly of the first 4000 bytes of multiple AAL-5 SSCS
- Count of total AAL-5 SSCS PDUs
- Reassembly of any mixture of up to 5120 AAL-2 and AAL-5 SSCS PDUs
- Reassembled AAL-5 SSCS PDUs with trailer CRC-32 errors
- ATM and AAL statistics per VPI.VCI collected on multiple VCs
Packet over SONET/SDH analysis configurations supported:
- IETF PPP in HDLC: RFC 1662 and both current RFC 2615 (x43 + 1 scrambled
- SONET/SDH payload) and obsolete RFC 1619 (unscrambled SONET/SDH
payload) versions with version auto-detect based on POH C2 byte value
(default) and manual override for scrambling enable/disable
- Cisco HDLC over SONET/SDH
- FCS-16 and FCS-32 auto-detect and manual override
Capture rate: Full line rate (full duplex)
1310nm Class 1 laser (multi-mode fiber compatible with 10 dB attenuator, available
separately as J2928A)
Output levels:
- Min. –12 dBm
- Max. –7 dBm
- Recovered (loop)
Traffic Generation: Full rate ATM traffic generation

Optical Attenuator(10dB:Single Mode:SC/UPC:1990-2001)