Agilent 16720A 300MHz 48ch Vector/Sec Pattern Generator Module
JPY250,000 2stock

Maximum stimulus clock:300MHz/180MHz(half/full)
Memory depth in vectors:16M/8M(half/full)
Maximum vector width:120bits/240bits(half/full)
Logic level support:TTL,CMOS,ECL,PECL,LVPECL,
LVDS 3.3V,2.5V,1.8V,
Maximum memory depth:16MVectors,
Number of output channels:<300MHz clock 24
Number of output channels:<180MHz clock 48
Number of output channels:<200MHz clock 24
Number of output channels:<100MHz clock 48
Number of different macros:100
Maximum number of lines in a macro:1024
Maximum number of parameters in a macro:10
Maximum number of macro invocations:1000
Maximum loop count in a repeat loop:20000
Maximum number of repeat loop invocations:1000
Maximum number of "Wait" event patterns:4
Number of input lines to define a pattern:3
Maximum number of modules in a system:5
Maximum width of a vector:240bits
Maximum width of a label:32bits
Maximum number of labels:126
Maximum number of vectors in binary format:16MVectors
Minimum number of vectors in binary format:4096


E-Manual*2,CD-ROM(16700-Series online Help,16700-Series System Software)