HP 37717C /A1T,A3B,A3K,A3V,UH1,UH4,UK6,UKX,UKZ,OYK Communication Analyzer
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SDH PDH testing ATM cell&service layer test set ATM cell layer test:full error,alarm,jitter,frequency generation,pointer sequence generation.ATM service layer test:traffic simulation,monitoring SN:GB00001004
OPT-A1T:GenerationAnalysis STM1 ElectricSDH signals,SDH FrequOffset and Alarm/Error Generation and pointer Gene overhead access
OPT-A3B:Remote Control HP-IB,RS232C LAN Printer port
OPT-A3V:STM-1 optical&Electric and PDH Jitter Measure and Automatic Jitter Transfer
OPT-UH1:STM-1 opticalInterface at 1310nm
OPT-UH4:Optical Adaptor FC/PC
OPT-UK6:calibration certificate
UKX:Printer UKZ:ATM on DS1,DS3,E1,E3
OPT-0YK:BroadBand Auxiliary ATM Generation&measurment