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Agilent E5260A E5291A*4/E5290A*2 IV Analyzer 8-Slot Mainframe Support
JPY2,000,000 1 stock

E5291A Output 100pA

E5291A Output 200V

Schottky Diode IV sweep by EasyEXPERT soft

Set to 16442A(not include)

Schottky Diode IV sweep


E5260A IV Analyzer 8-Slot Mainframe Supports Multiple SMUs (Source Monitor Units)

•Last Calibration:2016

Equipped With:

E5290A(High speed HPSMU)
Slots occupied:2
Range of operation:–200 V to 200 V –1 A to 1 A
Minimum resolution:100 µV, 5pA

E5291A(High speed MPSMU)
Slots occupied:1
Range of operation:–100 V to 100 V, –200 mA to 200 mA Minimum resolution:100 µV, 5pA

Power Code,